From March 2023 students will have the provision to retake the IELTS for one component if they did not get the desired score on the first attempt.

Students who wish to study abroad can now take an IELTS retest in a module for which they did not get the desired score. The organising body will put this decision into action from March 2023.

Currently, the system requires students to take the entire test again for all four modules: listening, reading, writing, and speaking. So, if a student is not satisfied with their band score, they will have to take the test again instead of retaking the entire module.

This is good news for students, as they will not have to go through the pressure of appearing for the whole exam again. They can peacefully focus on improving the only required area. This decision may also increase the number of IELTS registrations. One skill retake will be a second chance for the students to show their full potential.

Mr Warwick Freelan, MD-IELTS, of IDP Education also stated that they received various concerns about the students taking the test. The students wish to get a second chance to retest only in one component of the IELTS exam in which they scored less. This will provide flexibility to students in meeting the application requirements for foreign universities. This decision is an opportunity for students to get their desired band score required for their admission abroad.

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