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The Acharya IELTS Institute with a tagline to “Preparing you for tomorrow” is a well-known English language school that offers a variety of desirable yet interesting programmes. The academy is always working to improve its material and provide sound advice to its pupils. We are always looking for new ways to enhances and develop teaching methods that help students prepare for tests. Students are prepared for the IELTS Academic, IELTS General Training, TOEFL, PTE, GRE, and Spoken English.


IELTS 7+ Bands: From Beginner to Advanced: Your training programme will begin with an assessment test. In all of the courses, we will aim to determine the student’s competence and proficiency in English. This will assist both the student and the trainer in understanding and recognizing the positive and negative aspects of the student’s language communication and efficiency. Now, we provide students with a tailored curriculum based on the strengths and weaknesses of their language. This will help them score according to their requirements.

Live group or one – on – one class with certified trainers: Even though it is a group coaching session with a qualified trainer, we recommend enrolling minimum applicants in a batch to ensure that each learner receives individual attention. If you sign up for Personal Training, you will be assigned a personal qualified trainer who can plan your preparation according to your needs.

 Mock exams and study materials: We keep track of changes in the exam formats and update our course content/material accordingly for the benefit of our students. A mock exam will be given at the end of each module so that you may assess your readiness for the module’s test. A full mock test will be given at the end of the course. We also assess the exam, detect errors, and provide feedback so that you can improve your score.

Affordable prices with assured quality: We provide offline classes and online lessons at the most reasonable rates in the market. We will do everything possible to ensure that you do not have to retake the test or undergo further training. Let us crack it at the first attempt.

Feasible timings: At AII, we take this chance to comprehend each employee’s schedule. Following that, lessons are organized in such a way that conflicts are absolutely avoided. Because of this, the AII staff is also available on weekends.

Why Us ?

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Customized Courses

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Why offline classes?

One of the biggest advantages of offline education is that it encourages teacher-student interaction and extends learning beyond traditional training formats. Interaction stimulates questions about a topic, which aids in better exploration and learning. As a result, if there are interactive sessions, the pupils’ attention span rises. Additionally, pupils who spent less time on online social networking had a longer attention span.

Face-to-face teaching can also assist teachers in interpreting students’ body language to see if they are interested in topics or if the professors are keeping students engaged in the class, which is not achievable with purely offline study.

As we’ve seen, offline classrooms increase student engagement, and when such a healthy environment is created, students are more likely to compete with one another, resulting in higher learning.

We all recognise the value of extracurricular activities, and only offline learning can effectively meet their needs. Some people feel that extracurricular activities have an impact on academic performance, however research shows that this is not the case. The former makes the latter better. Another study found that adolescents who participate in extracurricular activities for personal reasons improve their social skills by making friends and working in groups.

Offline classes are also available for people who do not have access to the internet or who do not have smartphones, as the majority of students do not have either.

Why online classes?

Every student has a unique educational experience and learning style. Some learners like to learn through visuals, while others prefer to learn through sounds. Similarly, some students excel in a classroom setting, while others prefer to work alone and are easily distracted by big groups.

With its variety of options and resources, the online learning system may be customized in a variety of ways. It’s the most effective approach to create the ideal learning environment for each learner.

Furthermore, taking an online course means you may select your classroom at any time, seven days a week. Aside from specific dates, you choose your own timetable for fulfilling the course’s prerequisites.

You are free to study whenever you choose. You may spend your time on work, family, friends, significant others, or any other activity you like while taking online classes.

You may obtain straight answers to your queries since you have an e-mail channel with the teacher. Many students are afraid of appearing distracted if they ask questions in class. Hopefully, the Internet will erase this worry.

It’s much simpler to concentrate on what you’re doing when you take online classes. You may create the ideal setting for yourself. If you’re in a noisy environment, you can use headphones. Because your discussions take place over the internet, they are unlikely to stray from the issue at hand.

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What Our Student Says


I was taught by Mrs. Sindhu Alaparthi. She has a very positive approach which motivated me a lot.
Even though I had a rocky schedule she helped me throughout very effectively. I would highly recommend this institute for IELTS Coaching.

Uzma Sayyada

I attended the classes for a month and honestly it was a splendid experience. The faculty is very nice and cooperative and the materials being provided is of A class level. Had a really good experience and will recommend it to people looking for IELTS coaching.

Keerthan Kothapalli

The way of teaching for IELTS is really good and the material provided on daily basis like daily dose of idioms and new words is really helpful to learn new words that are helpful for ielts daily. The faculty is really supportive at any point of time and with limited people for batch with good attention for each and every person in the class.

yasaswi manthena

I’ve joined this institute after thorough online research during the pandemic, and I am very happy with my decision. The instructor is highly talented and has very good knowledge about the subject and the way she explains is easily understandable. Sindhu mam helped me in improving my reading and writing skills and the material provided by her is very helpful. She always maintains a friendly environment which helps us to communicate with her easily.
I would recommend each and every one to join this institution as this is one of the best IELTS coaching centers for General IELTS as wells as Academic IELTS.

Rahul Varma
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