Welcome to the Acharya IELTS Institute

The Acharya IELTS Institute with a tagline to “Preparing you for tomorrow” is a well-known English language school that offers a variety of desirable yet interesting programmes. The academy is always working to improve its material and provide sound advice to its pupils. We are always looking for new ways to enhances and develop teaching methods that help students prepare for tests. Students are prepared for the IELTS Academic, IELTS General Training, TOEFL, PTE, GRE, and Spoken English.

Our Mission

Our objective is to motivate our pupils to master language skills quickly. They can crack a test and speak in English in everyday life with the help of a structured technique of induction, preparation, and practise with a certified instructor.




The training style is participatory, with workshops and presentations, which inspires participants’ interest in learning the necessary skills and achieving their desired results. We create programmes that take into account a student’s linguistic abilities and place them in the appropriate class.


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Proprietor message:

Our whole population now works, communicates, and socializes in a world governed by international rules. This necessitates the use of an international language tool, such as English.

The days of regional exposures being limited to a single region or country are long gone. The international language "English" is basic and tied to practically everything we do today and in the future. It is essential to our international survival and exposure, and it is where our communication strength resides.

As a result, our sole reliance on English is stronger than ever. However, because we have come to rely on English as an international communicator, we are exposed to the vulnerabilities that come with it. The selection of schools, colleges, or English academies must be made with care in order to maximize language skills while avoiding squandering money, energy, and, most importantly, time.

The ideal approach to learn English or to achieve the highest possible score in international English language examinations such as IELTS/PTE/LIFE SKILLS or other programmes is to carefully select a learning centre that is not constrained by location, expense, or study schedules. We believe, and we have evidence to substantiate us up, that our staff is the greatest approach to ensure English language excellence. Our experienced teams establish an environment in which we provide precise guidance and methods to aid every student in effectively adopting them as a pre-requisite. As a result, our findings bear credence to our claims.

The main purpose or specific goal we are pursuing right now is to increase the general standard of English teaching and learning in order to make it easier for the Working Class and Students to achieve what they desire, namely, to study and work overseas and ensure a bright future. For those who choose to settle in other countries, we are committed to providing you with the structure necessary to transform you into a completely different person capable of taking on anyone with great confidence and impeccable English. Only when we deliver on our promises is our job complete.